Valentine's Day "Science Project"


Here is a great science project-inspired Valentine’s Day card from one geeky-yet-considerate husband with a sense of humor to his overworked wife. Click on the image for a bigger version so you can read the hypothesis, variables, and eventual conclusion.

My hypothesis is that if I help with the kids when I get home from work, Mindy will be happier than if I sit on the couch, or check my email. Turns out my hypothesis was correct. (Shocking!)

Liz Revision font: give yourself a headache


(and if you can’t read that:) Hey, feel like forging Liz Revision notes and legal documents? Now you can with the Liz Revision font, called, surprisingly, “Liz Revision.” Awfully clever, I know.


LizRevision.ttf [DOWNLOAD]

And if you’d rather see your printing while you’re typing (I sure wouldn’t-my printing is goofy and I would surely give myself a headache), I’d recommend you visit the site where I made mine, You download a template, fill it out, scan it and then upload it back to the site. Et voila-your very own handwriting font. I bet if you work on keeping all your characters right in the center it won’t look as schitzoid as mine.

Weekends matter with the Twelve calendar


Here is a great calendar if you love striking graphic design and hate your 9 to 5.

The Twelve calendar is available to download for free below and is designed to be printed at A1 size in black. The calendar takes on the simple form of black circles that represent every Saturday and Sunday of the entire year. The poster features the typeface Apex New available at


Free ambient electronics in compilation format: IDMF02: Concord

Here is a free, ambient, melodic, MP3 compilation from the members of theIDM Forums, Concord.

Concord is pure sonic experimentation at its finest, an ambient journey of vibrant soundscapes that tear the very fabric of time & space, taking your ears to places you never thought existed. This release will tap into your emotions, put a smile on your face & help you appreciate the sheer beauty that these 14 artists have crafted.

Concord is the much anticipated the second release from the IDM Forums. We have delved deep into the depths of the Ambient & Soundscape genre to bring you 14 tracks of sheer beauty.



01: Halogen – Length and Brecht
02: Kearley – Untitled 3
03: Zygadenus – Falling Fog
04: Son Of Akira – Anteater
05: Sasha Borodin – Asleep Next To Emily
06: Chaotic Pulse – Metamorphosis
07: Grids/Units/Planes – Flickering Fluros (This Brittle Night)
08: Hellscion – Mysterium
09: Atoms of an Addict – Maybe If You Just Listen?
10: O-dio – Nebulous Morning
11: Evelon – Segus Degus II
12: Synaecide – Laid To Waste
13: The Get – Sahel
14: ZXYZXY – The World Doesn’t End

Want to be on IDMF03? Submit your track by March 13, 2009