Meeblip: Open Source, Hackable Digital Hardware Synth


Check out this cool synth kit that’s meant to be poked prodded and programmed into whatever you wish. It’s designed by James Grahame of Reflex AudioRetro Thing, and Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music.

Here’s a demo of the kind of sounds you can make with this little hackable blippy instrument:
Meeblip bassline demo by cdm

From James:

Oscillator A & B slightly detuned, square wave on A and sawtooth on B. FM turned all the way up, distortion on. The filter resonance turned way up (hence the chirpy squeal) and the filter cutoff knob is initially open, then twiddled a bit to help the filter chirp. At the end, I just slowly turn the cutoff down. the VCF envelope modulation is mapped to MIDI velocity, which adds some sonic movement.

Take a lookGet one of your ownlearn how to make / use / modify it, and then join us in the MeeBlip group to share sounds, hacks, photos, videos, music, whatever.


Internet lessons everyone needs to learn

…Learn your own goddamn language. Once upon a time you could get away with not knowing the difference between “their” and “they’re” because in spoken conversation they sound the same. Online, everybody can see that you weren’t paying attention in fourth grade when you mix up “your” and “you’re.”

Remember that text is going to be how you make your first impression over the internet; if every third word you type is misspelled, people will automatically assume that you’re a moron. Even if the public school system fails you, there are browsers that come with spellcheck built-in.


  • Don’t Look Like an Idiot When Communicating Via Text
  • Don’t Feed the Trolls
  • Don’t Use Online Gaming as an Excuse to Act Like an Ass
  • Assume Everything is a Scam and You’ll Almost Always Be Right
  • Be Responsible with Porn

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"Outdated representations of African-American nerds are simply not cutting it anymore"

Black nerd activisim

A coalition of African-American activists and scholars released a strongly worded statement Monday citing the “urgent need” for popular media to depict a new black nerd archetype that more accurately reflects the full spectrum of 21st-century American dorkdom.

“Outdated representations of African-American nerds are simply not cutting it anymore,” the statement read in part. “Perhaps in the ’80s and ’90s it was possible for young people to identify with Steve Urkel’s hiked-up pants, nasal voice, and lovable catchphrase of ‘Did I do that?’ But today’s black nerds are different.”

“They may not carry slide rules and calculators, but they do carry smartphones to make posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare,” the statement continued. “Yet where are the modern-day nerds of color in our films and television programs?”

African-American Community Calls For New Black Nerd Archetype

"Education" is archaic and ineffective. Time for a new model. Just sayin'

This is Sir Ken Robinson’s view on what is going on with the current state of “Education” and subtly pokes at ways to consider new models. For one, the education model we have now is modeled on Enlightenment & Industrial Age mentalities, and not those of the current, so-called “Information Age.” For one, change in the current world happen a lot faster than they did in previous years. We’ve never had so much access to so many streams of information in so many media as quickly as we do today. And the “more-recently-borns” (*cough* younger people) understand how to function and make decisions within this new environment because they don’t know about all the previous societal expectations, and prefer instead to pick through all this new data and choose what’s useful and ignore the rest.

The old model would look at all the non-useful data and write essays on everything that’s wrong with the non-useful data (“This will not work because {insert some contrary proof},” “So and so has all the wrong ideas because {insert logical fallacy here}” etc). And that’s part of the old model’s MO. They focus on what they don’t want and try to use logical methods to convince their opposition and others to join their bandwagon.

The new model looks around, sees a bunch of stuff that’s not wanted (non-useful data), but instead of focusing on it and breaking it apart into all the reasons why it’s not useful, chooses instead to focus on what IS wanted, and all the reasons that this NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

[The example here is exemplified by the past two elections. In the election of George Bush JR, there was considerable focus on what IS NOT wanted: war(s), GB re-elected, fear, “security”, “enemies,” “punishment” etc. Four years later, there was incredible focus on what IS wanted, which ended up being incredibly popular among a lot of people, especially the younger people. Those concepts were equality, freedom to choose what pursuits make an individual happy, non-judgement / “no one is an enemy.”

In both cases, the focus made the result happen. ]

Maddox ("I am Better Than Your Kids") critiques kids singing on YouTube. Hilarity ensues.

This is the first video from Maddox, the programmer-writer who gained internet notoriety by critiquing kid’s drawings as he saw fit, in a most amusing manner. The re-done Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song set to the original video had me laughing so hard, I had to watch it twice. Nay, thrice.

I personally don’t find videos of kids amusing or cute, either and have much the same internal reaction. Must be the robot in me. Or something.