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Liz Revision: "Megahertz Mix"

Liz Revision: “Megahertz Mix”

1. Gui Boratto: “No Turning Back”
2. Pantha du Prince” “Florac”
3. Trentmoller: “Always Something Better (Trentemoller Remix)”
4. Kollektiv Turmstrasse: “Holunderbaum (Mick Rubin Remix)”
5. Tony Rohr: “Afterburnt”
6. MSTKFT: “Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)”
7. The Knife: “Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Mix)”
8. Oliver Hacke: Untitled (B2)
9. Williams: “Poltergeist”
10. LCD Sound System “Someone Great”
11. Crisopa: “Fibra de Carbono y Cambios Automaticos”


A “breakup” mix, if you will.Liz Revision: “Heartbleeps”

1. Bola: “Eluus” Gnayse [Skam]
2. Apparat: “Schallstrom” Duplex [Shitkatapult]
3. Styrofoam: “Fade Out Your Eyes” Blue Skied An’ Clear [Morr Music]
4. Junior Boys: “So This is Goodbye” So This is Goodbye [Domino]
5. Ellen Allien & Apparat: “Leave Me Alone” Orchestra of Bubbles [BPitch Control]
6. Goldfrapp: “A&E (Gui Boratto Remix)” Switch 12 [La Musique Fait La Force]
7. Trentemoller: “Miss You” Miss You [Audiomatique Recordings]
8. Modeselektor: “The White Flash (Ft. Thom Yorke)” Happy Birthday! [BPitch Control]
9. Mr. Projectile: “Wild Orchids”unreleased
10. Solvent: ” My Radio (Schnieder TM Mustang Remix)” Elevators and Oscillators [Ghostly International]

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Setlist from the Redbull Music Academy Info Session @ Ramp Chicago 4-10-07

1. Cylob: “Cut the Midrange Drop the Bass.” Cut the Midrange, Drop the Bass [Rephlex]
2. Bitshifter: “Particle Charge.” Information Chase. [8bitpeoples]
3. Lusine: “Slur” Serial Hodgepodge. [Ghostly International]
Lusine - Serial Hodgepodge - Slur
4. Ellen Allien: “Teif in Mir.” Stadtkind [BPitchcontrol]
Ellen Allien - Stadtkind - Tief in mir
5. Wighnomy Bros. + Robag Wruhme: “Bodyrock.” Schaffelfieber 2
Wighnomy Brothers feat. Robag Wruhme - Bodyrock - EP - Bodyrock
6. Isolee: “Rockers.” Western Shore [Playhouse]
Isolée - Western Store - Rockers
7. Sutekh: Untitled (Track 4 ). Incest: Live Force, Inc.
8. Farben: “Beautone” Beautone [Klang]
Farben - Beautone - Beautone
9. Justus Kohncke: “Homogen” Homogen [Kompakt]
10. Akufen: “My Way” My Way [Force Inc, / EFA]
11. Dettinger: Untitled (A1). Blond. [Kompakt]
12. Jimmy Edgar: “Morris Nightengale Theme” Access Rhthym. [Warp]
Jimmy Edgar - Access Rhythm - EP - Morris Nightingale Theme
13. Lusine: “Make it Easy” Podgelism. [Ghostly International]
Lusine - Podgelism - Make It Easy
14. Copacabannark: “Garden Parade.” To Beach or Not to Beach [Perlon]
15. Uusitalo: “Dutchwallpaper” Vapaa Muurari Live
Uusitalo - Vapaa Muurari Live - Dutchwallpaper
16. Cabanne: “Le Crapin” Le Crapin & La Sooket [Telegraph]
17. Porter Ricks: “Nautical Dub” BioKinetics [Chain Reaction]
18. Andreas Tilliander: “Hevin Sheilds” Elit []
Andreas Tilliander - Elit - Hevin Shields
[Mille Plateaux]
19. Lucien-n-Luciano: “Madre Mother & Mere” Blind Behaviour [Peacefrog]
20. Brothomstrain vs Blamstates: “Envelope Diving” Brothomstrain vs Blamstates [Merck]
21. Proem: “Three Days Before I Move” Among Others [n5MD]
Proem - Among Others - Three Days Before I Move

DJ Set at Rodan 11/28/2005

Here’s my laptop-dj setlist from Rodan:

  1. OCHRE: “Copacetia” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Ochre - Subvaritrax - Copacetia
  2. QUANTAZELLE: “It’s Fizzbang” Coaster. Subvariant.[Buy Coaster] [Buy Coaster (Digital)]
  3. QUANTAZELLE: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme (LBKT Kicked Remix)” Unreleased.
  4. QUANTAZELLE: “Stereofoam (Funked Remix)” Unreleased.
  5. QUANTAZELLE: “Sewtend” Beets. Self released.
  6. QUANTAZELLE: “Clue Miinus You” Coaster. Subvariant.
  7. THE FLASHBULB: “God Sheds Snake Skin (Quantazelle Remix)” Unreleased.
  8. QUANTAZELLE: “Daftliz-18? Unreleased.
  9. QUANTAZELLE: “Snafro” Unreleased.
  10. QUANTAZELLE: “Vanity Knobs with Groove Grimace” Coaster. Subvariant.
  11. QUANTAZELLE: “Pedwards” Coaster. Subvariant.
  12. QUANTAZELLE: “03rston_5″ Unreleased.
  13. QUANTAZELLE: “Braking (Megamix)” Unreleased.
  14. QUANTAZELLE: “Wineglass Chopstick Clinkrush” Coaster. Subvariant.
  15. QUANTAZELLE: “Sinking Projectile (Narmatt Kicked Remix)” Unreleased.
  16. QUANTAZELLE: “Ping Query” Coaster. Subvariant.
  17. QUANTAZELLE: “Pansy Beatmatch” Coaster. Subvariant.
  18. QUANTAZELLE: “cityng_4″ Unreleased.

DJ Set at Subvaritrax Release Party @ Sonotheque 10/25/05

Here’s my DJ set for the Subvaritrax Release Party at Sonotheque:

  1. JOHN HUGHES: “Got Me Lost / Driving In la (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)” Immediate Action. Hefty. John Hughes - Immediate Action - Got Me Lost / Driving In la (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
  2. LACKLUSTER: “Touches” Slice. U-Cover.
  3. SUBTRACTIVE LAD: “Fixing a Shadow” Giving Up the Ghost. N5MD.
  4. SUBTRACTIVE LAD: “The Natural Whirled” Giving Up the Ghost. N5MD.
  5. INFINITE SCALE: “Ghost” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  6. INFINITE SCALE: “Fade” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  7. INFINITE SCALE: “In Motion” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  8. INFINITE SCALE: “Pirkel” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  9. PHYLUM SINTER: “Monastic Phase” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Phylum Sinter - Subvaritrax - Monastic Phase
  10. MARSHALL WATSON: “Fall without Change” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Marshall Watson - Subvaritrax - Fall Without Change
  11. QUANTAZELLE: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Quantazelle - Subvaritrax - Late Blazing Kinch Theme
  12. R_GARCIA: “Honkeywrench” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. R_Garcia - Subvaritrax - Honkeywrench
  13. POPKAN: “Broken Lighter” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Popkan - Subvaritrax - Broken Lighter
  14. KERO: “Shuf1″ Kero - Subvaritrax - Shuf1
  15. DEREK MICHAEL: “Similak Jiggles” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Derek Michael - Subvaritrax - Similak Jiggles
  16. QUANTAZELLE: “Braking (Hushed)” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Quantazelle - Subvaritrax - Braking (Hushed)
  17. ZAINETICA: “Bytesize” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Zainetica - Subvaritrax - Bytesize
  18. SENSE: “Gift” Zainetica - Subvaritrax - Bytesize
  19. TIM KOCH: “Minor Rendered” Tim Koch - Subvaritrax - Minor Rendered
  20. SET IN SAND: “A Echo of an Mistake” Set in Sand - Subvaritrax - A Echo of an Mistake
  21. EDIT: “Spare Spork” Edit - Subvaritrax - Spare Spork
  22. QUENCH: “Vegeta” Quench - Subvaritrax - Vegeta