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Rise of the “Brogrammer”: Sexism in the tech startup world

Well, apparently luring frat boys into the world of programming is the new hot thing. Great.

I read this article by a journalist at South by Southwest where she walked out of a talk by a guy who was trying to excuse the frat-boy culture he adheres to with a few off handed comments that completely alienated a segment of the audience, and then I decided to poke around some more on the subject. Apparently this is a thing. Wow. Really?


Yes, it’s a fact that math and science fields employ far less women than men, but to play up this fact and appeal to the base nature of men in order to sweep them into your new startup? That’s pretty pathetic.

From Adda Birnir, a female programmer in NYC:

“Brogrammers might lack tact, but they’re definitely marketing development in a way that appeals to a new subset of men,” she wrote. By recasting geekdom as an extension of the frat house, she believes, brogrammers are encouraging guys who might have headed to Wall Street to consider Silicon Valley. But if inclusion is the goal, she says, substituting “geek” with “bro” is equally problematic. “Because if there’s anything more alienating to women than a room full of geeks, it’s probably a room full of fratty guys.”

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